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Boris (Bisfer) - Drums

After ten years living and working in Germany, the Chilean-German musician Bisfer has joined lots of different bands not only as a Drummer but also as a session percussionist. Since the beginning of his career, at a very early age and as pianist (just for a short period of time), he’s been studying and experimenting with diverse types of music such as Rock, Rock n’ Roll, Flamenco, Funk, Jazz and of course Afrocuban, Latin and African music.

Bisfer, drummer and percussionist of The Rob Ryan Roadshow, RIO the Voice of Elvis, Messer Chups, Los Twag Marvels, Bang Mustang, Ray & the Rockets, Freunde der Italienische Oper, Arnaldo Prete (Bra- silian music), , has also worked as a studio musician.

Now he is working like session Drummer for Paul-Lincke-Studios Berlin.

Bisfer is playing more than a hundred performances each year during his tours around.

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