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Band history

Since 2008, The Rob Ryan Roadshow has been on the road all over Europe and has opened up on tours for The Boss Hoss and Imelda May to name a few.
played over 350 Shows and festivals all over Europe including The Hemsby Rock n Roll Weekender (UK) Lida Country Festival (S)
Country Piknik (PL) Summer Jamboree (I) and many others.There style is a mix of Americana,Rockabilly and Roadhouse Rock played and sung with such power and passion that it wins over audiences almost imidiatly where ever the band goes.Signed with the London based Rhythm Bomb/Shack Rouser Label the guys have just released their 3rd Album to date,called GOLD HARD TRUTH which shows
exactly all these influences and reflects the High Energy Honky Tonk that these cats are known for.It s somewhere between Bakersfield and Memphis,between the steaming Rockabilly sounds of Ronnie Dawson,the Country of the Buckaroos and allott of their own...
Now..lets get this show on the roads !!!






The Rob Ryan Roadshow uses LENGARDO Guitars


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